FPP    Program

Let's Recycle!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
recycle Bring your aluminum and plastic recyclables to school with your children every Friday.

Box Tops

Collect & Win boxtops
Give your Homeroom Teachers your Box Tops and win fun activities.

Uniform Price List

Uniform Policy:


Elementary and Middle School:

White polo shirt for all grades (boys and girls) and skirt.
Orange t-shirt and short for physical education days.

All uniforms are sold at the school.


Girls Skirt :
Class t-shirts :
Sweaters :

Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School

Girls Skirts :
White Polo Shirt :
Hooded Zip Sweaters :
P.E. Shirt :
P.E. Short :
P.E. Sweatpants :