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    Let's Recycle!

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    recycle Bring your aluminum and plastic recyclables to school with your children every Friday.

    Box Tops

    Collect & Win boxtops
    Give your Homeroom Teachers your Box Tops and win fun activities.

    Preschool News

    Click on this Newsletter link to learn about Preschool updates for February.

    Security – Key Cards

    To secure the health and safety of children and adults, the security key card system is in effect. The school’s main door will be closed at all times from 7:30 – 5:30 p.m. Key cards are required to enter. All activities are monitored and recorded. New families can purchase key cards from the school office. Each key card is $10.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    We would also like to encourage the love of reading. Help your child become a reader. It’s never too early to start! As you enjoy reading time together, expose your child to many different topics.

    Fiction and nonfiction are appropriate. Fiction books can expand your child’s imagination and creative thinking. Nonfiction books provide information for daily living. Include books about art, music, poetry and folktales. Stories about animals, nature, holidays, and children are always interesting to preschoolers.

    Most libraries provide written lists of age-appropriate titles. Take some time and visit your local library!

    Best regards,
    Kristina Movsessian
    Preschool Director


    For more information about Registration, please visit the page by clicking here.

    Preschool List and Information

    Clicking here to view and print.